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Authentic Cuisine
for Everyone

Family-owned Lao Thai Restaurant Inc. is proud to offer a dazzling array of authentic Laotian dishes sure to delight. Prepared by hand and always with fresh, dynamic ingredients, Lao Thai’s meals are the perfect escape from the ordinary.



Made with love.
Simply delicious.

Featuring many of the same ingredients you know and love in Thai food, Laotian cuisine is its own form of delicious cooking. With a focus on fresh vegetables, deep spices and palate-pleasing sauces, Laotian cuisine offers a world of flavour to anyone who tries it. At Lao Thai, you’re our guest as we prepare the dishes we’ve loved for decades, from our family to yours.


Reservations & Catering

Due to the volume of orders, we DO NOT take reservations and catering orders through this website.

This website is for information only.

To make a reservation or order catering, please call us at (416) 855 - 2028.

"Best! Massive quantities of food for the price you pay. I can normally get 2 meals out of 1 dish.

Also, they'll warn you, and for good reason, do not take their spice levels lightly. Level 5 had me in tears (in a good way though)"


—  Daniel N.

     Google Reviews

"Highly recommend! I tried this place based on the google rating and reviews. Definitely order the crispy rice dish with lettuce. Portion sizes were huge and we couldn’t finish everything (hard to tell based on pictures online). Also, their spicy is actually spicy, so be careful with the level of spice that you select!"


—  Mariko P.

     Google Reviews

"I live close to Lao-Thai, been walking by it for the past few years and I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to try it. Today I ordered the crispy rice salad for lunch and it was the most satisfying and delicious meal I've had in a long time. I am looking forward to eating my way through the entire menu!"

—  Marta R.

     Google Reviews

What Our Customers Say

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